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Permanent makeup is the art of gently implanting color under the skin to enhance facial features, resulting in a more beautiful, natural and youthful you. A bonus? Never worry about your makeup smearing or rubbing off again! Great for active outdoor lifestyles, those who have difficulty applying makeup, or those with sensitive skin allergies. One of the many reasons permanent makeup has become more and more popular over the last couple of years is because it gives women the ease of not filling in their brows on their own, and having a shape or guide of where their brows should be. It enhances their appearance in terms of both shape and color.

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Elly does Microblading!

Microblading has been a tool in permanent cosmetics for many years and has recently became a buzz word and is very popular.
Microblading is tattooing technique in which a small handheld tool with several tiny needles is used to add semi-permanent pigment to the skin.
Microblading differs from standard eyebrow tattooing because each hair- stroke is manually applied with different types of micro blades.

Along with Microblading Elly also does Powder Brows.

Powder Brows are meant to create a soft powder look much like topical powder make up. They are not for creating hair strokes at all and are best for clients that want a more solid looking brow or have brows but want a base color. Solid brows are similar but usually have more density to create that “pin up” look or “vintage” look.

Combo techniques are used to combine powder with Microblading or hair strokes. Combo is a good choice for clients that have little to no eyebrow hair. It also helps to create more natural shading and dimensions.

  • Eyeliner (Top OR Bottom)
  • $300.00
  • Eyeliner Complete (Top & Bottom)
  • $500.00
  • Eyebrows – Microblading
  • $500.00

  • Lip Liner
  • $300.00
  • Full Lip Fill
  • $600.00
  • Powder Brows
  • $550.00

+ In your own words, what is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is the art of implanting color ( tattooing) to enhance facial features as makeup would do.

+ How long does it take?

Depending on area about 2 hours

+ What parts of the body do you offer permanent makeup on?

Face (eyes, brows, lips)

+ What maintenance does it require?

First touch-up after 1 month then recommended once yearly

+ What colors are available?

Colors are matched to skin tone or clients preference

+ Tell us about the needles and cleanliness of the process.

All of my needles are disposable, single use.

+ How is it different from getting a tattoo?

Tattoos are done with a conventional coil machine which have been deemed to strong for the face. They also use inks. Permanent makeup is done with pigments that are safe for the face and must be layered, hence the touch up process.

+ How old do you have to be to get permanent makeup?

18 yrs

+ How long does the process for applying permanent makeup take?

Typically 2 hours.

+ How do I know if I’m a candidate?

Anyone of legal age can have permanent make up applied.

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